Translator, interpreter and language course teacher:

  • Teaching experience in Norway since 2008 (mainly in the Norwegian elementary and middle schools and as a student assistant at a university).
  • One-year-programme in social sciences (university).
  • One-year-programme in Spanish language (university).
  • One-year-programme in English language (university).
  • Certificate of proficiency in English (university).
  • TOEFL-eksamen, Test of English as a foreign language.
  • 10-year experience as a tutor of English and 5-year experience as an employee in 3 English schools (Brazil).
  • Has Brazilian Portuguese as a native language.
  • Fluent written and speaking Norwegian, English and Spanish.

Journalist and marketer:

  • Experience as a high executive officer, later substitute head of administration and advisor at a Court of Appeal since 2008.
  • 4-year experience as a journalist.
  • Master’s degree – Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Nord University.
  • Bachelor degree in Economics and Administration with specialization in Publicity (university).
  • University college candidate degree in Journalism with specialization in the relationship between Journalism and Public Relations (university).
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